Park South Station is a gated community creating an intimate campus retreat within the city limits. Trees bordering the community and lush lawns set the atmosphere for lounging in the grass on a blanket, laying by the pool reading a book or taking a leisurely stroll.
Park South Station's state of the art Clubhouse is a retreat for entertaining and recreation. Located in the center of the campus, the nearly 6,000 square foot clubhouse will includes a 1,300 square foot fitness center and a 1,300 square foot bath house for convenience to the junior Olympic pool, and a kitchen area. This grand-scale clubhouse also includes outdoor space for lounging with incredible views of the landscapes within the neighborhood.
Park South Station directly borders Little Sugar Creek Greenway. As part of the project, the developer is installing the portion of the Greenway which borders the community's Southeast corner. Little Sugar Creek Greenway recently approved bond package will begin construction of the very large Greenway system which begins uptown along Kings Drive and extends all the way to McDowell Park and the South Carolina border. This extensive Greenway system will enhance residential communities all along its course. It will act as a linear neighborhood park, offering areas for residents to play, ride bicycles, have picnics and meet with friends.
Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our owners and residents.  There are pages on this website that require an owner sign in as some of the information is intended for owners only.  Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.  
Garage Sale 10/21 8am-1pm
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In the past, you may recall the Association has not allowed garage sales in the Community. Based on feedback from the Residents we have decided to allow garage sales on a set day in the Fall and in the Spring, the next scheduled garage sale is set for October 21st from 8AM until 1PM. Please use the next few weeks to prepare, It is our hope that residents that use their garage as storage will clean them out to help free up the limited parking spaces in the Community. 

As a reminder of the parking policy, on street parking is only allowed when the vehicle has its flashers on and for a maximum of 30 minutes. This is because the Fire Marshall has deemed our roads as too narrow for on street parking and emergency service vehicles cannot get through. Vehicles with Flashers on indicate to the fire department that someone is present to move the vehicle. Also, all parking over sidewalks is a violation of the Americans with Disability Act as it forces disabled residents to enter the roadway to move around your vehicle. This has been an issue in the past and we appreciate you understanding and respecting the needs of your neighbors. Here is a link to the Parking Policy for your review, if you have any questions please reach out to our Community Manager Adam Soccorsi at
Irrigation Repairs Underway - 9/28/17
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We wanted to let the residents know there is a large irrigation repair underway at the entrance of the dog park. There is a large irrigation water main the run under the cement there and Providence Landscaping had to cut the walkway to gain access to the water line. They will have this repaired as soon as the isolate the leak, the are actively working on it as we speak. Please use caution around that portion of the Dog Park While thy complete this repair. 
Join the Tree Bandits
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In preparation for the fall and winter, the Master HOA board is looking for volunteers to help band the trees. We need tree bandits! Banding the trees prevents the pests, that hatch in the soil, from climbing up the tree to eat the leaves in the Spring. If the tree gets too many pests, the tree will die. This is not a hard job, just a very manual one. It will help save home owners up to $12,000 by having volunteers help with this effort, instead of paying an outside company (which will charge per tree). This will also help PSS trees mature and not die from pests. 
The Team is looking to split the neighborhood into sections and each group to have at least 2 people for the banding process. The first step of the process is to wrap insulation around the tree about 4 feet up (but below the lowest branch) and then tightly wrap plastic around the insulation. The insulation helps cover any gaps that would allow the pests to crawl under the plastic. The tight plastic on top of the insulation is there to hold the sticky substance, Tanglefoot, in place to catch the pests. The second step in the process would be to go around and put Tanglefoot (on the already banded trees) after the leaves fall, but before the first frost of the season. 
We need volunteers to contact us to help band the trees before October 25th with banding day to be scheduled thereafter. The goal is obtain enough volunteers to complete the whole process in one day. All supplies are ready except for access to staple guns. The process will be easier if we are able to staple the insulation to the tree before wrapping it in plastic. We ask volunteers to bring any staple guns they have available.
At a later date there will be a thank you get together for all the volunteers, details forth coming. 
If you can help with these items or during these times, please contact our Connie Rogers at, or call 802-342-6776.
Quarterly Forum Updates 092117
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We wanted to thank everyone who was able to attend the Quarterly Forum and take part in the discussion. We want to continue to make this a Community we are proud to call home and promote increasing property values and feedback from the Owners is critical in accomplishing this.
Townhome Landscape Renovation Project
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Over the past several months, the Townhome Association, our CAMS Community Manager, and Providence Landscaping Group have been working tirelessly to come up with a plan for landscaping improvements for Park South Station. We are proud that after months of hard work, these upgrades will begin this fall. As with many of our maintenance projects, the community will receive these upgrades in phases (see attached map – houses in blue will receive upgrades this year.) We have tasked Providence Landscaping Group with presenting us with landscaping upgrades which will be sustainable, include appropriate plant material, provide continuity throughout the community, increase the overall aesthetic of Park South Station for the enjoyment of homeowners, and to maintain and increase property values for years to come.
Landscape Update for the week of 8/28/2017
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As we round out August our landscaping is looking forward to cooler days and relief from the heat of this long summer. Many of you have probably seen our fescue grass struggling in the 90 plus degree heat lately, and the weeds have been happy to take up residence where the fescue has receded. 

We have been working with Providence Landscaping to prepare for the fall turf restoration to try and bring everything back to life to be enjoyed this fall. Starting next week they will be out on the property spraying weeds and pruning the entire property, and they will not be cutting the grass next week while spraying so as to not lose any additional turf in the process. We ask you limit the amount of time you and your pets spend on the turf during application, though the area is perfectly safe to use once the application dries. Please note the grass will look a bit wild for a week but it will be trimmed up the first week of September in preparation for over seeding. 

Lastly, we will be marking irrigation heads with flags in a few weeks as part of the aeration process. We ask that you leave any flags you see alone until they are done doing their audit, and please take this time to review if any of your personal items are blocking irrigation zones. 
Updated Gate Hours of Operation as of 8/15/17
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As of August 15, 2017 the gates hours of operation wil change to the following. 
All three gates will be kept closed with the exception of the following days / times: 

• Monday – Friday 6am-10am
• Monday – Friday 4-7pm 
• Closed all day Saturday and Sunday

Also, the two side gates will continue to be closed to traffic entering the Community after 12 Midnight until 6am. Residents can still exit the Community through all three gates at any time but can only enter the Community through the center gate after 12 Midnight. 
Any vehicle interactions with the gates as a result of the change in schedule will be at the responsibility of the vehicle owner.
Trash Can and Recycling Containers
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Trash services are early on Tuesday morning, Active Waste has requested both trash and recycling containers be placed at the curb on Monday night. Containers should be put away by the end of the day Tuesday. Please remember to keep your trash can and recycling containers screened from view of the street.
If your container is lost or stolen or you need a replacement please contact Active Waste directly. email:
Also if you would like roll out recycling container please contact Active Waste they will require a one time deposit. 
Reserving the Clubhouse
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Interested in reserving the clubhouse for your special event? All the rules, costs and use agreement is available here.
Parking in Park South Station
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Parking in Park South Station is governed by a parking resolution also known as our Parking Policy.  The Parking Policy was updated effective February 1, 2016.  A copy of this policy is available on this website under Documents and Forms. Printed copies are also available in the clubhouse.   

The Park South Station parking policy allows for stickering, fines, booting and towing of vehicles that are in violation of the policy.   A few examples of infractions include, but are not limited to:  Parking outside of designated parking areas, parking/storing your car for more than 24 hours on any Common Property within the community , and parking a car without proper license plates and tags.  Please remember that the clubhouse parking lot is to be used by guests only and by residents using the clubhouse, gym, pool or greenspace behind the pool.  
In the event that your vehicle is towed or booted, please contact Rescue Towing at (704)246-3655.  Please be aware that Rescue Towing will be taking pictures of every vehicle that is towed or booted by their company for their records. Their towing lot, where your vehicle will be kept until you pay the fine, is located at 3229 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28209.   The booting fee is $80 and the towing fee is $150.  All payments must be made in cash or with any major credit card.
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