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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Posted on Jan 20th, 2015 Comments (0)

Park South Station Parking Policy Reminder
If you do not read this you may find that your vehicle has been towed.
All owners should be familiar with the contents of our entire parking policy dated February 12, 2012. (It is an owner's responsibility to ensure that their guests and tenants are aware of, and comply with, this policy.) Copies of the policy are available in the clubhouse.
All motorized vehicles operated, parked, or otherwise present within Park South Station must display a valid license plate, a valid unexpired state inspection decal, and a valid unexpired registration sticker.
At any time a vehicle is found in violation of the parking policy the vehicle is subject to towing at the vehicle owner's expense. If your vehicle is towed you can call United Towing at 704-606-6557. This information is posted on signs at the entrances to our community.
Your vehicle is in violation of our parking policy if:
1. it is not parked within the lines provided with each marked space;
2. it obstructs any part of the curb or sidewalk;
3. it is parked on any paved areas outside of the striped parking spaces; (Please note that we have not been enforcing this on the newly paved section of the community since we are still waiting for the parking spots to be repainted.)
4. it is parked on any unpaved area unless there is temporary parking signage posted.
In addition to the above, the City of Charlotte requires that vehicles must be parked at least 15 feet from a fire hydrant. Any vehicle found parked within 15 feet of a fire hydrant will be towed.
The parking policy also restricts vehicle storage anywhere within Park South Station. You cannot park a vehicle for more than 72 hours anywhere within the community. If you need to leave a vehicle parked for longer than 72 hours you will need to obtain a parking permit by contacting Kathey Harter at CAMS (704-556-5443).
The Advisory Board has been enforcing this policy with random patrols; giving warnings and then with towing. In the last 60 days approximately 70 warnings were issued and 10 vehicles that had received warnings were towed. The Board is no longer going to post a warning on a vehicle; any vehicle found in violation of the parking policy will be towed.
Posted on Aug 22nd, 2014 Comments (0)
We have successfully transferred our community to CAMS, our new management company. Kathey Harter is our on site association manager. Please send all communication going forward to Kathey can be reached at 704.556.5443. If you have a need and cannot reach her at her office number call 704.731.5560 for assistance during office hours or if there is a need after 5pm call Client Services at 704.334.5207. 
Office Hours
If you, as an owner, need to visit her office, the best time to stop by is between 10:30am-11:30am and between 4:30pm-5:30pm Monday-Friday. Otherwise please make an appontment. Kathey's responsiblilites to the owner's needs as well as the requests of the Board of Directors requires her to have limited open office hours. There will be times when she may be away from the office for off-site meetings.
We would like to take a minute and remind owners that CAMS utilizes a Community Specialist Department to respond and expedite questions and requests from property owners.  If a Community Specialist Representative cannot answer your question, or provide the requested information, your request will be forwarded to the appropriate department and/or your Community Manager. 

When calling our office you will be assisted by our Community Specialist support team.  The goal in our department is to not only help the customer have a good experience, but to offer an experience that exceeds your expectations.  The Community Specialists are trained to assist with various questions including but not limited to:   billing questions, Community rules and regulations, Community websites, contact information updates, HUD requests, amenity access/gate and clubhouse FOBS, maintenance requests, insurance requests etc.  We are available by phone Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 4:30pm.  We do however assist all walk-in traffic Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Our office is located approximately 5 minutes north of your community, just off Park Road, at 4701 Hedgemore Drive Suite 816 Charlotte NC 28209.
We can be reached directly at (704) 731-5560 or by email at

Your Association has a community website, which allows residents to view their account history, pay assessments online, update contact information, submit service requests and much more. Access to the site is restricted so it is important that you create an account to be able to access the site in full.  Please contact CAMS Community Specialist support team if you have any questions about registration or using the site. Your Association also this website, , where owners can obtain documents, forms, meeting minutes, financials, as well as access the clubhouse calendar.
Your Community has amenities (i.e. clubhouse, pool, exercise room, access gates, fobs, etc.)  Any necessary forms can be obtained on this webiste,, or by calling the CAMS Community Specialist team.  Access devices are also available at our Charlotte office located at 4701 Hedgemore Drive Suite 816 Charlotte NC 28209.
Thank you!
Are You a New Owner?
Posted on Mar 4th, 2014 Comments (0)
Are you new to the Park South Station Community? Come meet your manager and your Advisory Board of Directors! Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm at the clubhouse. The first 30 minutes of every meeting are open to owners to come and learn more about your Association and Management Contacts.
Pick Up After Your Pet
Posted on Mar 3rd, 2014 Comments (0)
Spring is upon us! Lots of owners are taking advantage of the beautiful weather and walking their pets in the community and mingling with their neighbors. Please be sure that you are utilizing the pet stations in the community and picking up behind your pet. 
On Street Parking Reminder
Posted on Jan 13th, 2014 Comments (0)
Please be sure you are only utilizing on street parking when absolutely necessary. We have seen multiple residents utilizing on street parking before maximizing use of the driveway and/or garage.
Please be courteous to your neighbors and their guests. Be sure that you are only utilizing these spaces as needed and not occupying the spaces past 72 hours.
Street Light Outages
Posted on Jan 13th, 2014 Comments (0)
While management is onsite in the community during regular business hours street light outages are generally noticed after hours when management is not present on the property. If you see a street light outage in the community please report this to They will request the address nearest to the outage to be able to locate the reported outage. Please help us keep the street lights in working order. We appreciate your help!
Watch your speed!
Posted on Jan 8th, 2014 Comments (0)
The HOA has received several concerns regarding speeding and disregard for traffic signage. Please make sure that you and your guests are following the speed limit, 12mph, at all times and adhering to all traffic signage. Let's all work together to protect the safety of the residents of Park South Station.
Trash Can and Recycling Containers
Posted on Jan 7th, 2014 Comments (0)
Please remember to keep your trash can and recycling containers screened from view of the street. Containers should not be at the curb side any more than 24 hours before and no less than 24 hours after trash service. Trash services are early on Tuesday morning, K&S has requested both trash and recycling be placed at the curb on Monday night.
Questions and Answers for Waste Services
Posted on Jan 6th, 2014 Comments (0)
Why doesnt the City of Charlotte provide waste services for Park South Station? Please Click Here to read more.
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Upcoming Events
Happy Hour
Friday, September 26th to Friday, September 30th, 6:00-9:00 PM at The Clubhouse
We have reserved the clubhouse so our neighbors have a place to come and meet.
This month's gathering(February 26, 2015) theme is a Wine and Cheese Social. The social committee will provide the cheese and crackers as well as the glassware. All you need to do is stop on the way home from work and grab a bottle of wine. 
Whether you are new to the neighborhood or have lived here since the beginning we hope you can stop by and socialize for a bit. The music will be on, cornhole will be set up and we will be waiting for you. If you have any questions please email 
Be sure to check out the calendar for the next scheduled gathering. 
Giving Back to the Community- Ronald McDonald House
Wednesday, February 4th to Friday, March 20th
At the last social committee meeting we chose to have this event to give back to our community~
The Ronald McDonald House is a “home away from home” for families of critically ill children who travel to our community for medical treatment at Hemby Children’s Hospital or the Levine Children’s Hospital. The House provides more than a comfortable room and meals; it provides a caring environment where families receive the physical, mental, and emotional support they need to care for their sick child. 
Although it costs more than $89 to host a family for one night at Ronald McDonald House, families are asked for a small donation per night for their stay. For many families, even this small amount is a financial burden. Ronald McDonald House never turns a family away due to inability to pay, and so we are inviting members of the Charlotte community to sponsor these families in need. 
Today, we ask for your support of the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte by way of participation in the upcoming statewide “Sport a Shirt, Share a Night” program. 

On April 24, 2015, thousands of people at hundreds of neighborhoods and companies across North Carolina will “sport” a $10 Ronald McDonald House t-shirt in order to “share” a stay for one night at Ronald McDonald House with a family in need. We hope that you and your neighbors will choose to join us for this year’s event! 

I am willing to organize this fundraiser for this incredible organization. What that entails is accepting all the donations, submitting the order and picking up the shirts. Our team name is "For the House". 100% of the proceeds go directly to RMH. The more shirts we sell, the more resources they will have to serve the families. If you would like to participate I will need a check made out to The Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte, the size of the t-shirt you want ordered, an email address and/or phone number. The sizes available are youth x-small, youth small, youth medium, youth large, adult small, adult medium, adult large, adult XL, adult 2XL and adult 3XL- sizes are unisex. 
You can either drop this off at my home or mail the check to me. 
I will keep everyone posted for times when YOU can pick up your shirts via this event posting. 

Payment and orders must be received by March 20th. 

$10 adds up quickly. I hope you not only consider sponsoring this event but be an active participant by purchasing and wearing the shirt on April 24. I have been amazed over the years at how many people "sport their shirt" throughout Charlotte. 

Beyond the shirt. I have been a volunteer at The House since the days the doors opened almost 4 years ago. It has been such a blessing to be the neighbor that aids those in need. The house has been a life saver for many families but it has made my life richer as well. 

Thanks so much, 
Diane Prussing 
3402 Park South Station Blvd 
Charlotte, NC 28210

~ Clubhouse Calendar ~
Strikes, Spares and Gutter Balls
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Ready to get out of the neighborhood for some fun? We have 12 lanes reserved at 10 Park Lanes. Please join us for a fun afternoon of bowling. The cost...
Baby Shower
Saturday, March 7, 2015
My husband JR Lloyd was just in there this afternoon providing checks and the application for this request.
PSS Advisory Board Meeting
Wednesday, March 11, 2015

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~ Helpful Reminders ~
1. Please remember to pick up behind your pet at all times. Also, it is law in Mecklenburg County to keep your dog on your lot or in common areas unless the dog is restrained. Please be respectful of your neighbors and the common areas.
2. Please remember to always park in a striped space when parking on the street.
3. Please ensure that you are driving the speed limit when driving through the community and follow traffic signs.
4. Please screen your trash can and recycling bin from view of the street 24 hours before and after service.
5. If you need a COI for a refinance or policy renewal please contact George Doubrava at (704) 841-8880
6. If you are leasing your unit please ensure that you have completed all documents and submitted this to the CAMS.
7. Please remember to contact the CAMS if you need to occupy a parking space past 72 hours.