Architectural Review Committee
  • chevron_rightCan I put up a flag?
     Yes but any flags that are not a standard United States or State of North Carolina flag is not permitted.
    This includes sports flags, if you would like to have a flag supporting your favorite team a small standard size garden flag is allowed in the front landscape bed. We appreciate everyone’s help and understanding as we bring these items back in line with our governing documents. 
  • chevron_rightHow do I obtain a plat map?
    How to obtain a Plat map? 
    1. Go to Polaris  http://polaris3g.mecklenburgcountync.gov/ 
    2.  Enter your address in the search field 
    3.  Scroll down to Associated Information section
    4. Click on Legal Desc:  ( The link will redirect you to the Mecklenburg County website) 
    5. Select Click here to acknowledge the disclaimer 
    6. The deed for the address will be displayed
    7. Under Get a Free Copy  (on left above General Tab) Click This Image (Clean)
    8. Click Get Item(s) Now
    9. Click Download Arrow 
    10. Save as PDF 
  • chevron_rightWhat if I want to make some landscape improvements to my yard?
    The committee will generally meet on the first Wednesday of the month. All fully completed requests to be considered need to be submitted at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled meeting. If there are no scheduled hearings, the ARC reserves the right to change or cancel meetings without notice.
    Please see the PSS Architectural Review Committee page for details to see what can and cannot be reviewed and processed. Also please submit a complete Architectural Request Form along will any and all supporting documents required will need to be submitted by the EOD on last Friday of the month to be placed in the queue for review by the committee. If the application is not complete the ARC will not review the request. 
Leasing Regulations
  • chevron_rightCan I lease my home?
    A home can only be leased if the total number of homes in the community is under the 15% rental cap once confirmed by the Master Board of Directors to be on the approved list. We have reached the cap and will be maintaining a waiting list. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please contact our Community Director Kristen Goyette kgoyette@camsmgt.com
    Please review the Leasing documentation.
Property Information
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