Pool Rules 2021

2021 Pool Rules 
 In the event there is a conflict with the standard pool rules on the following pages, the rules below will be considered the primary rule in effect for 2021. Violation of these rules may result in the loss of the County pool permit for the remainder of the season. Given the ongoing changes that come with the current pandemic we will continually evaluating the rules and reserve the right to adjust them as may be required.
It is the intent of the Park South Station Master Homeowners Association (The Association) Board of Directors (The Board) to provide these rules and regulations for the mutual enjoyment of the homeowners and their guests. The obligation of enforcing these rules and regulations are for the good of all the homeowners. Enforcement is primarily in the hands of the pool management company and its trained staff. Their principal responsibility is to assure the homeowners of all of the courtesies, comforts and services to which they are entitled. It is further the duty of the homeowners to know the rules and regulations and to cooperate with the pool management company, the property management company and the Board and concerning enforcement of said rules.
Conduct at the pool must be such as to provide the greatest pleasure for the greatest number. The pool management company, the property management company and The Board are given full authority to enforce all rules and regulations, and to modify these rules for the safety of all participants. Homeowner cooperation is required to ensure that all tenants/roommates, as well as guests, understand and follow these rules.
The pool and the pool deck are under 24-hour video surveillance to help provide a safe and secure pool environment.
Monday – Sunday: 8:00am until 8:00pm
Pool Attendant present on Saturdays and Sundays
DO NOT ENTER THE POOL DECK AFTER OR BEFORE OPERATION HOURS. ADEQUATE LIGHTING IS A REQUIREMENT OF THE MECKLENBURG COUNTY ISSUED PERMIT. Any traffic on the pool deck without adequate lighting can result in having the permit suspended.
Entry and Exit will only be allowed through the pool house gates where the bathrooms are located. Entrances through the Clubhouse will be blocked off to allow the attendant to process entry and exit efficiently. Entry and Exit from any other point are not allowed.
There will be a 150-person maximum at the pool area at any given time. It is first come first serve and people will be allowed entrance as long as space allows. Please be courteous to your neighbors and take into account your time spent in the pool so they can enjoy it as well.
No lifeguard is on duty so users of this pool do so at their own risk. No children are allowed in the pool area at any time unless supervised by an adult. Anyone under the age of 14 is considered a child and must be supervised by an adult. The Association will not be responsible, for any accidents or injury in or around the pool. Use of the pool indicates acceptance of these conditions.
The Association, the pool management company, and the property management company will determine when and if attendance at the pool has reached capacity. When capacity is reached, further attendance will be restricted so as not to exceed capacity.
Please note that all residents must be able to provide a valid address in the community and have possession of their activated key fob at all times without exception. All guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times without exception while in the pool facility. If at any time, or for any reason you do not have your activated key fob and/or cannot provide a valid address in the community to the pool attendants, to the pool management company, to the property management company or to The Board, then as a result, you will be asked to leave the facility until this can be provided.
With the continued growth and sales in the community, CAMS Management is providing the list of sales each week to the pool attendants to be added to the resident sign in list. Please understand that while this is provided weekly, there may be a closing that has occurred that may have not been captured on the weekly list depending on the timeframe of the closing.
If you arrive at the pool and your name is not on the list and you recently closed, please provide your address and information to the attendants to be added and you will be permitted access for that day. CAMS Management will confirm your closing and have you added to the list moving forward. Please also notify CAMS Management with your name and address and your closing date by email to Adam Soccorsi at asoccorsi@camsmgt.com.
1.      Guests may use the pool at a resident’s invitation and must be accompanied by the member at all times.
2.      Each RESIDENCE/HOUSEHOLD is limited to a maximum of two (2) guests.
3.      The pool cannot be used for private parties; see Clubhouse Rules for additional information pertaining to leasing the interior of the clubhouse for           private parties.
4.      In the event that you need to make special arrangements for your guests or event, please contact the property management company to obtain             approval for any additional guests over two (2) per residence at least a week prior to the event.
5.      If you are leasing your unit, please be sure to check with the property management company to ensure that your leasing information and your               tenant’s information is listed with the attendants and The Association. If your tenant is not listed on the sign in list, they will not be permitted               access to the pool.
1.       Park South Station Homeowners dues must be current for all Associations.
2.       No outstanding Architectural Control violations permitted to be on file.
3.       CHILDREN SHOULD NOT USE THE SWIMMING POOL WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION AND ADULTS SHOULD NOT SWIM ALONE or be in violation               of 15A N.C. Administrative code 18A.2530.
4.       The Pool Management Company has the right and responsibility to close the pool at its discretion.
5.       Persons entering the pool prior to opening or after closing will be trespassing and
           subject to arrest and prosecution.
6.       Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated and are grounds for suspension of membership privileges or expulsion from the pool. The Board,              the property management company, and the pool company have the right to enforce this rule.
7.       All swimmers should shower before entering the pool. This is necessary to reduce the amount of oil that enters the pool.
8.       Appropriate swim attire is to be worn on pool grounds. This is a family environment– no cut-offs or thongs are permitted.
9.       Changing of clothing and diapers is to be confined to the restrooms. Please dispose of all diapers and trash properly.
10.   No one with an open wound, inflamed eyes or other infection is permitted to swim.
11.   Children wearing diapers must wear rubber pants under their bathing suits. Should a fecal accident occur, anyone using the pool must get out of            the water and the pool management company or the property management company is to be notified immediately. If it is found that a household          was negligent in an occurrence, the Board may levy fines in order to cover costs associated with cleaning/treating the pool.
12.   No pets, skateboards, roller blades or bicycles are allowed in the pool area.
13.   No running, pushing, wrestling or other rough, boisterous activity in pool area.
14.   No distasteful displays of affection.
15.   Diving is not permitted anywhere in the pool.
16.   The pool management company and or association are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
17.   No smoking anywhere on the premises within the pool deck area. This includes tobacco, e-cigarettes, or any vape type products.
18.   Pool furniture is first come first serve, no reserving of chairs will be allowed. In an event chairs are reserved without actively being used items               used to reserve the furniture will be collected and taken to the attendant station.
19.   Extra pool chairs may be brought into the pool area. Any chairs left on the pool deck will be collected and donated to charity.
20.   The pool may not be used as a money-making facility for residents.
21.   NO SWIMMING outside of regular pool hours. Anyone caught in the pool during non-use hours will be trespassing and subject to penalty or          suspension.
22.   Any member or guest that violates these rules and regulations could be banned from the pool or fined at The Board’s discretion.
23.   Swimming lessons: Swim lessons are allowed for residents only and must be provided by a certified swim instructor. There will be absolutely no              use of the pool to provide swimming lessons for non-residents. The pool management company will provide residents with a list of certified swim            instructors from which to choose. Should a resident wish to use a certified swim instructor not on this list, the resident must provide, in writing,            complete information about the swim instructor to the property manager, prior to any lessons being conducted. Residents involved with swim                lessons assume all risks and liability associated with such lessons. The Association is not responsible for any injuries or accidents resulting from              swim lessons. Swim lessons must not interfere with the use of the pool by other residents and/or guests. Any resident violating this rule for swim          lessons will have their access to the pool suspended.
24.   Rental of the clubhouse does not include the use of the pool or the pool deck, only the interior of the clubhouse.
25.    Radios and other music devices that play aloud for others to hear are prohibited.
26.   No guns/ weapons are allowed in the clubhouse and /or the pool area.
The Board appreciates your cooperation and attention to these rules and regulations. Please note that per the Master Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, The Board reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations without notice.
If any owner, or an owner’s tenants/ roommates, and/or guests is reported to be in violation of these rules and regulations, you may be subject to a hearing with The Board and are subject to fines or penalties at The Board’s discretion and as permitted by State Statute.
Please ensure that you and your guests adhere to these rules and regulations to promote a safe and pleasant pool experience for all residents and their guests. The Board, the Pool Management Company and Property Management company reserves the right to ask any person who is considered unruly or misbehaving to leave the premises at their discretion.
1.       Each resident must check in with the pool attendants by providing your address to the attendant to be checked against the resident sign in list               when the attendants are present.
2.       Each resident is required to allow the pool attendant to check and inspect all pool bags and coolers for glass bottles or containers when entering             the gates.
4.       No abusive or offensive behavior towards the attendants will be tolerated and will be grounds for suspension.
5.       Please enter the pool from the side gates and not through the clubhouse. This is to prevent water damage and debris being tracked through the             clubhouse.
1.       Lounges, chairs and tables are available on a first come, first served basis. Pool furniture shall not be permitted to leave the pool facility or                     allowed in the pool at any time.
2.       Kindly clean your area of trash and refuse when leaving.
3.       Report damaged furniture to the pool management company or to the property management company.
4.       Radios and other music devices that play aloud for others to hear are prohibited.
5.       Extra chairs are allowed to be brought on to the pool deck, however, any chairs or other furniture left behind at the end of the pool day will be                collected and donated to charity.
1.       Corn Hole or other tossing games are permitted in the far rear of the pool deck only. Any tossing games must not infringe upon areas where                   there is pool furniture. No Exceptions.
2.       All balls or items in the pool must be NERF or of soft material.
3.       If playing games in the pool, please do so in an isolated area and utilize soft objects only. Only toss games are permitted in the pool. All other                racket games must be played in the rear of the pool deck or outside the fence on the greenspace.
1.       Foam noodles are permitted.
2.       Swim floaties/water wings: An adult must accompany children using swim floaties/ water wings in the pool.
3.       No rafts, surfboards, boats, baby pools, etc. are permitted. Please note, if you are utilizing an inflatable mat or float, you must ensure that you              are not disturbing others ‘use of the pool and be sure to take these with you when leaving the pool.
1.       No children are allowed in the pool area at any time unless supervised by an adult. This would identify as anyone under the age of 14.
2.       The State of North Carolina stresses that children under 14 years of age should be accompanied by an adult and that children should not swim              alone. For this reason, the Association requires children under age 14 be accompanied by an adult (defined as someone who is 18 years old or              older and is the parent or legal guardian, a relative, or a baby-sitter).
2.       All alcoholic beverages must be contained in a plastic or aluminum container.
3.       No eating or holding any item to be eaten while in the pool, around the pool edge (deck) or on the pool steps. Parents, PLEASE, do not allow                   your children to walk around the pool or sit on any steps while eating.