PSS Parking

The Clubhouse parking lot is 24 hour maximum parking for amenities usage and guests only.  The other cutouts marked in the map below will have visitor only parking between signs and the rest is overflow parking for the community on a first come first serve basis, not to be parked in for more than 24 hours.
The Community uses Wheel Blockers as our towing and booting service starting August 1st, 2017. Please remember all parking spaces in the Community are for a maximum of 24 hours to promote the availability of parking spaces for everyone in the Community. On street parking is not allowed per the Fire Marshall, and vehicles can only park temporarily for 30 minutes to load and unload as long as they leave their flashers on. 
If you need to contact parking enforcement you can reach them at: Wheel Blockers -704-606-4166
Parking Policy Resolution -Parking Fines Resolution
Charlotte Fire Department Fire Plan Review Guidelines